The principality of Monaco is the second smallest country.  It’s notably recognized for its fabulous casino in Monte Carlo, and has the third most expensive real estate in the world. I must warn you the glamour and wealth is strongly present, so most things are quite pricey. However, thankfully for the more regular travellers there are plenty of things you must do in Monaco. 

The city itself is magnificent. The architecture, the panoramic view of the Mediterranean Sea and attractions make it a wonderful city to visit. What is there to do in Monte Carlo that won’t empty your wallet you may ask? Here’s a list of activities and places to explore during your trip to the playground of the rich and famous:  

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1.Monte Carlo Casino 

Of course, your trip to Monaco must include a visit to the celebrated casino. Fortunately there’s no fee to enter the building itself, so you can explore the interior of the casino. Admire the fabulous decor and indulge in the ambiance that circulates the air. You can also take a seat and grab a coffee at the cafe. There are some restricted areas for the high ballers of course, so unless you’ve got a couple of 0’s to spend – those areas are strictly off limits. 

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2. Prince’s Palace 

The Prince’s Palace is located atop, “Le Rocher” the rocky promontory in Monaco. You can take the steep roads in the old town, hike up the stairs from the waterfront, or take the city tour bus. Once you’re up top, check out the changing of the guards which happens at 11:55 am every day. 

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3. Old City 

Discover the old city of Monaco by winding through the narrow alleyways filled with pastel coloured buildings. The streets lead to the Chapel of Mercy, Place Saint Nicholas and Placette Bosio, as well as the Palais de Justice and the cathedral. You can also do some shopping or enjoy an espresso on one of the beautiful terraces of several cafes. 

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4. Princess Grace Rose Garden 

In 1984, Prince Rainier III opened The Rose Garden in memory of his wife Princess Grace. With over 8,000 rose bushes of 300 various sorts, it’s an astonishing place to visit. For the most vibrant colors spring and fall are the best time to visit, but the garden is a graceful place regardless of the season. 

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5. Saint-Martin Gardens

This radiant garden follows the Mediterranean coastline. Wander down the path filled with exotic plants and flowers, and feel the fresh ocean breeze. You can even have a picnic to enjoy the blue-tiful sea view. 

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6. Buddha Bar Monte Carlo 

Searching for a cozy, yet chic spot  in Monte-Carlo? Buddha Bar is an excellent choice to have some cocktails. The interior design is inspired by the Opera House in Paris, accompanied by ancient Buddhist sculptures which creates an East meets West type of setting. The restaurant-lounge is located where the old Cabaret de Monte-Carlo use to be.

7. Nikki Beach 

Attending beach clubs during the summer is a popular attraction in several cities across the world. Nikki Beach is a well-known beach club that has locations all across the world, including Monaco. Want to absorb the sunshine, dip in a pool and enjoy some cocktails on a rooftop  in Monte-Carlo? Nikki Beach is the place to be. 

Yearning to visit Monaco? There are plenty of things to do! However, for those who don’t want to completely empty their wallet, I would suggest to stay in Nice. Spending a day to explore this playground is more than enough time!

Photo: Next Reveal
Photo: Next Reveal