Oh South Korea! What a marvellous destination in Asia. The Korean culture is so rich and full of flavour. From the food, to the soju and attractions. This country is a must stop for anyone who is visiting that part of the world. Actually as a matter of fact, majority of flights to Asian countries from North America have a lay over in Seoul. South Korea is super affordable and there is plenty to see! Here’s a list of 8 Unique Experiences You Must Have in South Korea.

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1.Deolmusae Restaurant// Pocheon City

There are several cafes and restaurants across the world that have distinctive themes. Well, if you visit Deolmusae, you’ll be struck by a STIFFIE!  Also known as the Penis Cafe due to…Yes, male parts are everywhere. When the cafe opened in 1996, it wasn’t originally filled with shafts. One day, a Buddhist priest paid a visit to restaurant and said there was an overload of female energy, so the owner decided to add a “touch” of penis. 

There’s certainly plenty to touch – penis statues, plates, maps, wooden carving, fountains, ceramic vases, key chains and tons of other goodies. You’ll discover some vagina crafts as well, for example with your plate of fries or a cup of Korean rice wine. But, this cafe definitely has dis-dick-tive vibes. 

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2. The Korean Demilitarized Zone // South-North Korean Border 

The North and South Korean Border… Visiting the Korean Demilitarized Zone outside of a guided tour is strictly not permitted. If you’re interested in checking out the DMZ, book a tour to find out more about the Korean War history, see North-Korean soldiers and peek into the “other side” through a pair of binoculars. You’ll also get to meet North Korean Soldiers.

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3. Namiseom Island // Chuncheon, Gangwon Province

남이섬 is located 60 km from Seoul and has a breathtaking landscape. In 1944, it formed as a result of the assembly of the Cheongpyeong Dam. If you’re looking to get away from the 10 million people in Seoul, you should defiantly visit this island for its’ picturesque views. The Pine Tree Lane and Metasequoia Road, are the popular spots for capturing photos amongst the glorious, grand trees. You can also visit the beautiful Garden of Morning Calm, that is the oldest private botanical yard in South Korea.

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4.  Gangchon and Gapyeong Rail Park

Taking the Ganchon and Gapyeong Rail Paths is a breathtaking way to admire mother nature’s views while riding around the park for an unforgettable experience. 

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5. Jimjabong // Several Locations

Going to  a jimjabong in Korea was part of my Sunday routine. For those of you who aren’t aware, a jimjabong is a Korean spa. Now you may ask, what makes it so different from other spas around the world? Well first of all, it’s very cheap. Prices vary amongst all spas, but some entry fees cost as low as $7.00 USD for 24 hrs. Yes, that’s right. These spas are open 24/7. With sleeping areas available, you can spend several hours soaking in hot tubs, indulge in a full body scrub and a massage, ( additional $20.00 USD) and have a place to crash. Staying overnight at a jimjabong is also a very affordable way to travel around Korea, as you can spend the night there and save plenty of money! 

6. Go to a baseball game // Several Locations 

Alright, so Koreans take baseball pretty seriously and the fans are very supportive. K-Pop cheerleaders get the crowd going chanting different cheers, and the Korean fried chicken is finger-licking, paired with a cold Cass beer. The atmosphere at baseball games in Korea is so vibrant you can feel the energy in the air! Plus, ticket prices are super cheap and it’s a memorable experience. 

7.Haesindang Park // Jeju Island 

A very bizarre place to visit in South Korea is Haesingdang Park – also known as Penis Park located on in SK’s beautiful Jeju Island . What is it with Korean’s and their admiration for phallic figures? With this particular place, a legend tells a young virgin woman died from falling of the cliffs as she fell towards her boyfriend who was collecting seaweed from a cove. Her angered spirit then took over the island and chased all the fish away. According to Visit Korea : “ To soothe the spirit of the dead maid, the villagers made several wooden carvings and held religious ceremonies. Later, fish were gradually seen appearing and the villagers were able to fish and live comfortably again.” This park is defiantly worth a visit on your next trip to South Korea. 

8. Hanok Village // Jeonju

Jeonju’s Hanok Village has 735 traditional Korean hanok houses. The village has preserved its’ historical charm and traditions. Explore the hidden gems, alleyways, and learn some interesting facts about the Josean Dynasty. You can also dress up in traditional Korean clothing ( Hanboks) and take some beautiful photos. The Hanok Village also has some of the most delicious food vendors and restaurants in all of South Korea. If you really want to have a traditional Korean experience, ( sleep, eat and sit on the heated floors) you can stay at one of the hanok guest houses within the village.

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