Are you obsessed with discovering unique places? If you want to add a new attraction to your travel bucket list, I’ve got a treat for you. Located roughly 20 minutes away from Vietnam’s historical city Hue, you can explore this surreal abandoned waterpark in Vietnam. If you’re into mysterious places that look like they’re straight out of a horror movie, Ho Thuy Tien will capture your attention.

abandoned waterpark vietnam

Ho Thuy Tien waterpark opened in 2004 and cost approximately 3 million US dollars to build. The park opened up without being complete and did not receive the attention it was hoping for. All the attractions remain exactly the same, but now they’re just covered in bare graffiti and mother nature has taken over. Perhaps you’ll get to see the rumoured crocodiles inhabiting the surrounding lake.

abandoned waterpark vietnam
abandoned waterpark vietnam

What will you see?

Climb down the rusty waterslides covered in moss. Visit the creepy amphitheatre with hundreds of seats. Check out the murky pools covered in graffiti and find the large fish tank filled with water, but with no living species inside. But that’s not all. The waterpark is located on acres of forestry and its’ central point is the almighty Dragon. You can conquer the stairs that lead to the mouth and admire a panoramic view of the abandoned waterpark from the dragon’s teeth.

abandoned waterpark vietnam
dragon abandoned waterpark vietnam

This post-apocalyptic wonderland is surely one to wander around during your visit to Vietnam. You’ll get an adrenaline rush out of this mysterious place and it is totally worth the trip.

abandoned waterpark vietnam pool
abandoned waterpark vietnam

As you roam around, it’s crazy to imagine this surreal abandoned waterpark was once an attraction point for kids and families. No one knows exactly what happened to Ho Thuy Tien and it will probably remain to be a mystery forever.

How To Get There

If you choose to go on your own, a scooter in Hue will cost about $ 5 USD for the day. The waterpark is massive, so driving between the attractions of the park is convenient. Here’s the pin to the location

However, I highly suggest you take an organized tour. The park is on the way to the  Khải Định tomb (mausoleum of Emperor Khai Dinh), the elephant-tiger arena and Vietnam’s largest graveyard.Therefore it’s good to have a guide to make full use of your day.

Vietnam Backpackers in Hue offers an amazing Motorbike Tour. During the tour you’ll visit several unique attractions and your day will conclude at the abandoned waterpark. Be prepared for the most surreal experience in your life.

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