Bali is a sought for destination amongst travellers from all around the world. This paradise-like island located in the middle of Indonesia attracts almost 6 million tourist per year! Mass tourism began in the 1960’s, but it really became a phenomenon in the past two decades. There are so many unique attractions in Bali because it has the perfect mix of nature, history and culture. But one of the most picturesque experiences is located 10km from Ubud. Want to experience an adventure with breathtaking views? You can swing through the jungle with a waterfall at this park in Bali! Perhaps you’ve seen some magical photos on Instagram of The Bali Swing.

This jungle park features 14 swings and 9 hanging nests resting in the trees. The various swings overlook a canyon, rice paddies, a waterfall and a river stream. Majority of the swings vary from 10-20m, but the highest being 78 m above the ground. Keep in mind, it’s not a bungee jumping experience, but you will feel a little adrenaline rush through your body! As for your safety, everyone is secured to the swing with a harness and there are safety nets located under the swings.

An adventure like this deserves to be captured, so make sure to bring your camera. Ladies, if you really want some mesmerizing photos be sure to wear a dress! Forgot your dress at home? Bali swing offers a dress rental service for $10-30 USD. If you’re interested in having a professional photographer there is one available on site for 12 USD$.

List of Attractions

  • 11ย single swings
  • 2 tandem swings
  • 1 bed swing
  • 9 nests
  • butterfly garden
  • helicopter
  • big rock
  • waterfall
  • canyon

So how much does this magical experience cost?

Bali swing
bali swing packages

The active packages give you access to all the attractions at the park. The lineups for the swings can take anywhere from 1 to 30 minutes (of course depends how many people are there), so dedicate your day to this activity. I highly suggest to get the active package with the lunch. It’s an all you can eat buffet with delicious Indonesian food!

For an additional fee (depending on your location) Bali Swing can organize transportation from your accommodation. I took a scooter from Ubud which was a great road trip experience, with remarkable landscape views. So, if you’re not scared of hopping on a bike I recommend taking a bike over.

Bali swing jungle park

The park is open daily from 8am to 17:00pm. Make sure to check the weather forecast for the day, because if there’s a storm – they will shut down the attractions for safety reasons.

Bali is a utopian island filled with plenty of wonderful attractions. But you should add this one to your bucket list because really, how often can you swing through the jungle with a waterfall?

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