As small as this region in the North-West of Italy may be, there are still plenty of delicious restaurants in Cinque Terre. After all it’s Italy, so there’s always great food around. From pizza to copious amounts of seafood, Cinque Terre has several delicious restaurants. Nonetheless, during my trip to Cinque Terre I was able to eat at some of the best in the region and I would love to share them with you: 

1.Tutti Fritti // Riomaggiore 

If you are a lover of deep fried seafood, Tutti Fritti will have your mouth watering. The local street food eatery serves fried calamari, shrimp, mussels, haddock and sardines. For 8 euros you can have a large cone with mixed seafood of your choice or a small for 5 euros if you’re taste buds are a tiny bit curious. 

2. Tratorria da Billy // Manarola 

Seafood heaven – is what I’d refer to Tratorria da Billy as in Manarola. The flavours used in this restaurant’s dishes are luscious. Originally the owner was a fisherman at sea, who then decided to open up a homey restaurant. Are you a fan of shellfish? I highly recommend trying the lobster pasta. 

3. Bar Nunzio // Corniglia 

Looking for a terrace to enjoy in Corniglia? Nunzio is a great choice. It is situated in the middle of the village. Enjoy a glass of local wine, or a cup of espresso as you gaze at the crowd of tourists wander the streets. 

4. Ristorante Gambero Rosso // Vernazza 

Craving seafood? Try the Porto Venere mussels at Gambero Rosso. Pair the fresh shells sauced in marinara with a crisp glass of white wine and enjoy the million dollar view their terrace has to offer.

5. La Lampara // Riomaggiore 

La Lampara has a handful of flavours to choose from. Craving Pizza in Cinque Terre? Try their prosciutto, fungi, artichoke pizza – delicious! Also, if you don’t feel too guilty…Their rabbit gnocchi is a top seller. 

6. Nessun Dorma // Manarola 

Delicious eats, lip-smacking cocktails and a million dollar view. What more can you ask for? Nessun Dorma is the ideal place to enjoy a meal and watch the sunset in Cinque Terre. They have an entire page of different types of bruschetta to choose from! I suggest the tomato buffalo mozzarella bruschetta with homemade pesto. As for drinks, their sangria is to die for. 

7.    Lapo’s // Monterosso 

Vino per favore! This Italian-Tapas style resto with total hip vibes is the perfect place to grab a mid day bite if you’re feeling hungry. Their portions are generous, and overall the food is great. The patio is set in the perfect place as it hides in an alley away from the crowd.

8. Gelateria 5 Terre // Manarola 

During your trip to Italy, of course you yearn for some gelato! Gelateria 5 Terre is a hot spot in Manarola due to its’ variety. There are several gelato flavours to choose from, as well as gluten free and vegan products are available to satisfy everyone’s taste buds. 

Italy’s mouth-watering flavors are recognized all across the world. Cinque Terrein is a stunning region in the North-West of Italy which has plenty of homey restaurants to enjoy a delicious meal!