Cannes has been a playground in The French Riviera for the rich and famous since the 1850’s, but only bloomed with Hollywood celebrities about a century later. The city celebrated it’s 150th film festival anniversary this May. And just like every other year, the world of cinema unfurled with A-listers in Cote D’Azur. Visiting the city during this time is absolutely hectic. Here’s all you need to know about the Cannes International Film festival.

1.It’s super exclusive

I’m sure you are all aware. It is truly, super exclusive. Many other cities that host film festivals, (like TIFF for example) usually have tickets available for purchase. However, in Cannes it’s otherwise. You need an invitation to watch a film in the theatre. As a result, invitations are mostly sent to sponsors, established business and of course celebrities.

Photo: Next Reveal

It’s possible to observe the red carpet from a far if you’re interested to get a peak at some VIPers. Keep in mind you’ll probably have to wait long they show up, and stand behind hundreds of media reps.

Photo cred: raphael_herimian
2.Hotels are capped out

Majority of hotels are completely booked out and pretty much inaccessible to non-hotel guests. Some of the famous hotels where celebrities stay are Hotel Martinez, InterContinental Carlton, Barrière Le Majestic, Raddison Blu 1835 and JW Marriott.

Photo cred: halliedaily
3.Where can you see the celebs?

Curious as to where the A-listers wine and dine ? You will not be able to not see them at La Chunga, Gotha, La Palme d’Or, or  Le Bâoli.

4.What else can you do?

However, there is one option for you – you can go to a screening and watch a movie on the beach at night. The film festival sets up a huge projector and there are several movies to view. Pretty cool right? You can also check out Rue D’Antibes for cute shops and restaurants with terraces. They are more accessible there in comparison to other places during the festival.

Cannes itself is a beautiful city, that has a white-sand beach and a long boardwalk to stroll across. Lively cafes, bars and restaurants overlook the Mediterranean sea. If you’re travelling during the time of The Cannes Festival – make sure you have a personal invitation or be prepared to admire the fashionable resort and events on the French Riviera from afar.

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