Venice is recognized as one of the most beautiful and romantic cities in the world. But have you ever heard of the two Venetian islands Murano and Burano? They are located less than 30 minutes by ferry from Venice. You have to visit these islands during your trip to Venice. You can take a panoramic city boat tour. It will sail past the island of S.Giorgio Maggiore, S.Elena Gardens and the Lido, arriving at Murano island first. 


You might be familiar with the name Murano, which is a company that manufactures some of the most expensive  handmade items made from glass. The high price marked on its’ pieces owes to the technique and time that is used to produce the glass. There are two different ovens used for shaping and colouring. There are many tools and it is time consuming hand-work. During your visit to Murano, you will be able to visit the artistic glass-blowing factory and see how the exquisite glass is made. Murano produces vases, mirrors, miniature statues, chandeliers, and many other unique objects. There is a shop within the factory that has authentic Murano glass for purchase. After visiting the factory you will have roughly 50 minutes to explore the rest of the island. 


Following, you will continue on the ferry to Burano island. It is admired for it’s brightly coloured houses and hand lacemaking. This island is so picturesque, you’ll want to take hundreds of photos. As you walk around the fishermen’s houses, you will cross bridges and delight in the canals that run through the island. For a special souvenir, visit one of the many shops which sell handmade lace items.

Your tour with conclude with a visit to Torcello, which is the original island that Venetians settled in. 

This day tour is a fabulous opportunity to observe Venice from its’ surrounding water, cruise through the canals and visit ravishing islands in 5 and a half hours. All of this exploring for for 20 euros! There are many companies which organize this day tour, but Alilaguna is the most famous one. You can find ticket booths at the S.Lucia Railway station or at the San Marco office located next to the port. The two Venetian islands Murano and Burano, are total worth the visit.

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