Europe’s rail system is well developed and there are several breathtaking routes to choose from. Whether you’re travelling between the French-Swiss Alps or taking the West Highland Line through Scotland – you will witness million dollar views. But one of the most scenic train rides in Europe is between Montenegro and Serbia. This underrated train route throughout the Balkan Mountains will take your breath away. It connects Montenegro’s major seaport town Bar with Serbia’s capital Belgrade. If you’re exploring the Adriatic coast, you must experience this scenic train ride in Europe.

Montenegro scenic train ride
montenegro scenic train ride europe
montenegro serbia train ride

The Montenegro Express departs twice per day, in the morning and at night. The scenic journey spans a total of 476 km, of which 301 km goes through Serbia and 175 km through Montenegro. To fully enjoy these majestic views, I highly suggest to take the day train. You might think travelling throughout the day is a waste of time, but believe me the 11 hour trip is worth it. The speed of this ride doesn’t even matter because the natural beauty will have you at awe.

balkan mountains
montenegro serbia train ride
scenic train ride

What makes this such a scenic train ride?

You will pass through a total of 254 tunnels and cross 435 bridges. Here are some highlights:

  • Longest Tunnel Soznia 6.17 km
  • Biggest Bridge – Mala Rijeka Viaduct 498 m long and 198m above ground level.
  • Railway highest peak – 1,032 m above mean sea level.

Another cool fact is that this train route passes through Bosnia and Herzegovina. That means you can be in 3 different countries within less than 12 hours!

train tunnel
montenegro train border
serbia train station

How to get your tickets

If you’re already at this point in Europe, I hope you acquired your Eurorail/Interrail pass. It’s the cheapest and most convenient way to explore this continent. As a euro/interrail pass holder, you don’t need to get a ticket ahead of time for the day train. Arrive an hour before the departure and find the reservation kiosk. You will present your pass and receive a ticket. If you decide to take the night train you need to make a reservation for the couchette. A one-way regular fair costs between 21 to 24 euros. The night train costs an extra 7 euros for the couchette reservation.

montenegro balkan mountains


Tara (day train)
  • Belgrade – Bar : Depart 9:00AM
  • Bar – Belgrade Depart 8:20AM
Lovcen (night train)
  • Belgrade – Bar : Depart 21:10PM
  • Bar – Belgrade Depart 19:00PM

Belgrade’s original train station closed in 2018. So, whether you’re departing or arriving in Belgrade you’re going to Topcider station. It’s located in the middle of no where and you will have to take a taxi to get into the city. Make sure you have some cash handy as there are no ATMs at the station.

Things to bring

Snacks, food, water. Perhaps a couple of beers if you fancy. It’s a long journey, stalk yourself up. Oh and your camera of course.

Things To Know

It’s not a luxury train and depending on your luck, the AC may not be working. Nonetheless, this scenic train ride in Europe is one to experience. You might have to share the coupe with other people. During my experience my boyfriend and I had the coupe to ourselves throughout majority of the trip, but as we approached Belgrade others joined us. Wear comfortable clothing and consider bringing a bed sheet if you’re wearing shorts. Don’t forget those wet wipes incase the toilet paper runs out on the train!

belgrade serbia
belgrade serbia train station

In general, Montenegro is a very underrated destination in Europe. This country is full of beautiful, jaw-dropping landscapes, great food and scenic train rides. If you happen to be in Croatia, it’s right next door. Don’t miss out on the most scenic train ride in Europe!

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